Sanitation and Hygiene in a Disaster

Disaster SanitationSanitation and hygiene are often overlooked in a disaster. Most people just focus on simply surviving the emergency. This truly is too bad because if you take sanitation and hygiene for granted, you might end up surviving the initial emergency, but your lack of hygiene and sanitation might shorten your life. Yes, they are that important.

A little bit of thought paid to sanitation and hygiene can pay off tremendously over the long haul. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything drastic to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene during a disaster. Keep the following tips in mind. They’re quite basic, and they’re very easy to do.

Dispose of Your Wastes Away From Your Water Source

If you’re sourcing your water from a stream or any other natural source, it’s really important to make sure that you and the rest of your party avoid dumping liquid and solid wastes anywhere near the water source. You don’t want to contaminate your water source. You don’t want a cholera outbreak in your local area. Unfortunately, going to the bathroom near sources of drinking water is a one-way ticket to cholera or E. coli outbreak.

Use a Bucket

When going to the bathroom, use a bucket. A bucket can come in handy because it’s a self-contained unit. You go to the bathroom in the bucket, and it’s very easy to transport its contents to a disposal site. Also, a bucket is fairly easy to clean.

Store Enough Toilet Paper and Garbage Cans

Going to the bathroom involves using toilet paper to wipe up. Don’t just throw that toilet paper around because ultimately it might get into bodies of water. It might even get to solid food supplies, thanks to flies. Make sure that your emergency shelter has garbage cans so you can properly collect all used toilet paper and safely wrap them up to prevent any kind of contamination.

Make Sure You Have Proper Stocks of Feminine Hygiene Products

Even if you don’t have any female members in your party or family, make sure you have feminine hygiene products in your stockpile. You just don’t know what will happen in the future. Maybe females in your local area would join your party. Make sure that you have the proper products that would ensure their hygiene.

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