Key Things to Keep in Mind About Food Stockpiling

Food StockpilingWhen stockpiling food, there are several key factors you need to keep in mind. If you are clueless regarding this, chances are you would find out about your food stockpile’s limitations in the worst way possible. You wouldn’t want to go through an earthquake, fire, or a flood and lack food because you ended up storing it the wrong way. By being clear regarding the factors that I’m going to outline below, you can make a truly informed decision as far as to which foods to stockpile, and the form of preservation they should be in.

Oxygen is Your Worst Enemy

Oxygen ensures that any kind of food decomposes. You have to understand that bacteria and other microorganisms are always on the surface of any living thing. Right now on your body, you have millions of bacteria crawling on top of your skin. The only reason why those bacteria are not breaking down your cells is that you’re alive, and your skin has the proper pH level.

When food is exposed to the elements, the bacteria and the moulds on the surface of that food item instantly works to start breaking down that food. In many cases, the degradation is not visible to the naked eye, but believe me, it’s already happening because there’s already fermentation and tissue breakdown happening. This is all made possible because of oxygen in the air. The simple rule for food preservation can be summed up as: starve the food item of oxygen, and you stop the breakdown process.

More Food Stocks Will Help You Sleep Better at Night

In a way, food is like money. The more money you have in the bank, the more peace of mind you have. While you obviously can’t eat money, and money definitely can’t buy happiness, it definitely buys a certain level of peace of mind. The same applies to having a food stock. While it doesn’t necessarily follow that a huge amount of food will make you happier, simply having some food stored away for emergencies can help you sleep better at night.

You never know when your family will encounter a disaster or catastrophe. It can happen at any time. By making sure that you have enough food and water stored away, it can help you rest better. At the very least, it would prevent you from running around like a chicken with its head cut off when the unthinkable finally happens.

Keep Your Stockpiles a Secret From Non-Family Members

While it’s always a good thing to help out your neighbors, unfortunately, when disaster strikes, the rule of the jungle is in effect. Put simply; every family must take care of its own. It’s really important to keep this in mind because if you announce to your neighbors that you have this massive food stockpile, you are going to turn yourself into the de facto food bank of your neighborhood. This is okay if you have enough food stored away. This is going to be a serious problem and can actually invite violence if you don’t have enough food stashed away.

The problem with neighborhoods in any kind of disaster is that it always involves better-prepared neighbors bailing out less prepared neighbors. While you are more than welcome to help your less prepared neighbors for a few days, it can get old really quickly considering the fact that they were either too lazy or too clueless to prepare for a disaster, and you end up subsidizing their ignorance.

Food Stockpiling Can Be the Best Investment You Will Ever Make

If you care about your family, and you want to make sure that your children are taken care of, food stockpiling can be your best investment. It’s important to make sure that you stockpile dry goods and easy to prepare food items that can last for many many years. It’s never a good idea to store fresh food because fresh food requires refrigeration which requires electricity. Electricity is not guaranteed, especially during disasters.

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