How to Cook Food Without Power

Cooking Without PowerMost Americans assume that electricity will always be available. After all, we live in America and electricity is a birthright. Unfortunately, it only takes one hurricane, tornado or blizzard to destroy that false sense of comfort. You cannot assume that electricity will always be available in your area. All sorts of natural disasters can take place which can rob you of electrical power. This is why it’s crucial for you to have at least a rudimentary concept of how to cook food without electrical power.

Use Your Fireplace

Most homes in the United States are designed with fireplaces. This is a good place to start a fire. It’s a good idea to store a lighter somewhere in your home. Use your lighter along with some crumpled up newspapers that you’d find as well as some sticks you retrieve in your local area. This should be enough to create a fire in your fireplace. Once the fire is going, grab a pan, put your food in the pan and cook away.

Use Propane Stoves or Butane Stoves

Most department stores sell propane stoves or butane stoves. These require gas canisters to feed their flames. The downside with propane and butane stoves is that you have to buy them ahead of time. Don’t assume that you can always go to your nearest Walmart when disaster strikes. That’s too much of an assumption to make. Maybe the highway is closed down; maybe the Walmart blew apart. You can’t assume that just because you live near a big-box retailer that it will always be available. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a propane or butane stove ready along with spare canisters.

Use Your Car

If your car is in working condition after a disaster, and you have no other sources of heat to cook food, you might want to use your car to heat your food. You need to get aluminum foil and wrap your food in it. It’s very important to wrap the food in foil several times so that it’s properly insulated and the food can’t get contaminated. You then take the thickly wrapped food item and place it right on your hot engine. Don’t expect a five-star meal because the heat is probably going to be unevenly distributed, but hey, given desperate times, you should be happy for whatever you can get.

Stock Canned Heat or Flaming Canisters

Flaming canisters and canned heat are often used for indoor dining events to heat buffet table items. They can also be used to heat up food during an emergency. Now, again, just like with using your car to cook food, don’t expect canned heat or flaming canisters to properly cook your food. Your big consideration here is to heat your food enough so you can consider it cooked to the extent that you can eat it. For optimal cooking, you should use a fireplace or propane or butane stove.

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