How Much Water is Needed to Survive?

Water SurvivalThe human body is mostly water. To be precise, our body is more than 2/3 water. That’s a lot of water. This should not be a surprise because water is needed for optimal nutrient or molecule transfer. On the one hand, it takes too long for solids to transmit chemical signals. On the other extreme, gaseous molecules are too fast for proper chemical transfer. This is why life requires water. It is the perfect medium for the nutrients and chemicals we need to survive.

In terms water necessity, generally speaking, human beings need about 8 glasses of water daily. Now, keep in mind that your actual water requirements can vary depending on your body weight as well as your activities. If you are a very big person, and you engage in a lot of physical activities every day, you need more than 8 glasses of water. On the other hand, if you are a fairly small individual and you live a fairly sedentary life, you could get away with drinking less water.

Aside from the air we breathe, the first thing we need is water. Water is kind of in the middle of our list of biological requirements. Human beings follow a fairly simple 3/3/3 formula. We cannot survive if we are deprived of air for more than 3 minutes, we won’t survive if we are deprived of water for 3 days or more, and we won’t survive if we don’t eat anything for 3 weeks or more – 3/3/3.

Interestingly enough, about 20% of our water intake is sourced from the food we eat. By simply choosing to eat water-rich food, you can properly hydrate. Of course, you cannot just rely on the food you eat for all of your water requirements. You need to drink water in its pure form instead of relying on your food.

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