Gunshot Wound Treatment – Survival Style

Gunshot Wound TreatmentIn any kind of emergency, there is a possibility of conflict. Always expect this to happen. It doesn’t matter how well you know your neighbors, or how peaceful your area is. Be prepared for interpersonal conflict. Maybe your neighbors may get desperate and they start shooting each other up, or maybe roving bands of people from places far away would pass through your area, or whatever the case may be. Get ready for interpersonal conflicts and the forms of injury these conflicts typically take. These can be a gunshot wound, stab wound, and so on and so forth. Here is a quick guide on how to treat gunshot wounds – survival style:

Take a closer look at the victim’s wound

Pay attention to the gunshot wound, take a good look at the size and shape of the wound. It is important to take note of where the wound is. If it is near an artery or a vein, make sure that you apply the right pressure. If it is a surface wound, it requires a different kind of treatment.

Apply direct pressure to wounds in extremities or use coagulants

Use a tourniquet when the gunshot wound is near a vein or an artery. Stop the blood flow to prevent the victim from bleeding out. If you have access, use a coagulant to slow down blood flow.

Seal chest wound by using plastic wrap or your driver’s license

If somebody got shot in the chest, you could use a plastic wrap to seal the wound. If you can’t find a plastic wrap, use your driver’s license and put it right in the hole until you get the victim to a proper medical assistance. The key here is to cut down on blood flow quickly and efficiently.

Never give food or water to a person who is shot in the abdomen

When somebody got shot in the gut region, don’t give them food or water. Doing so will trigger gastrointestinal action, and that’s the last thing that they need. Instead, make sure that you cover the wound area and get proper medical assistance.

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