Guide to Raising Meat Rabbits

Meat RabbitsMany preppers at different parts of the United States figured out that rabbits are a great source of survival meat. Survival meat packs a lot of calories and protein while requiring fewer inputs and attention than traditional sources of meat. Traditionally, people raise pigs, chickens, and cows for meat. However, those livestock species require a lot of space and inputs. Meat rabbits, on the other hand, requires less space, food, and attention. Pay attention to below guidelines:

Be mindful of the number of female rabbits you can maintain

The size of your meat rabbit raising operation depends on how many females you keep. You don’t eat the female rabbits; they give birth to baby rabbits, and you raise the baby rabbits for meat. Your overall production capacity is completely dependent on the female rabbits you keep. It is important that you maintain the right number of female rabbits. You don’t want to raise too many female rabbits because they can eat up a tremendous amount of feed, and your overall productivity might suffer. On the other hand, you also don’t want to raise too few female rabbits because your overall productivity may be too low and may not be worth the effort. You need a proper balance.

Choose the proper cage and ideal location for your rabbits

At your homestead, make sure that you choose a shaded area for your rabbit cage. The cage should be big enough to accommodate the number of female rabbits you will breed.

Remember that rabbits have territorial behavior

As mentioned above, your rabbit enclosure must be big enough. Rabbits can be very territorial, especially females. The enclosure should be big enough so the female rabbits can move around safely and not get into each other’s way. If this happens, they will be able to give birth to enough baby rabbits to ensure the meat supply you are looking for.

When butchering rabbits, remember the “Circle of Life.”

Butchering animals that you raised for food is never easy. After all, you saw your meat rabbit go from baby rabbit all the way to full grown adult. The next step is the dinner plate. Be ready for this, make sure that all the members of your party, especially children are aware of this. That there is such a thing as Circle of Life, and that you should not be emotionally attached to your food. If you find yourself getting emotionally attached, getting into the business of raising meat rabbits is probably not a good idea.

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