Food Storage – Nutrition, Packaging, Quality, and Price

Food Storage NutritionIf you are going to be storing food to ensure that your family will survive any kind of emergency, make sure that you pay attention to 4 Key Factors: Nutrition, Packaging, Quality, and Price. If you are careless with any of these factors, you might end up storing the wrong kind of food. You might also end up in storing food that will not last that long. Regardless of how you cut it, paying attention to these 4 factors ensures that you won’t get ripped off as far as your food efforts are concerned.

Quality control is crucial

When storing food, quality control is paramount. Make sure that each item packs a lot of nutrition and packaged in a way that does not eat up a lot of space. Food’s taste is also very important because what is the point of buying food that makes you throw up? It is useless. Make sure that the quality is there so that the food will not only last a long time but can also be eaten.

Value over price

A lot of preppers are tempted to go for survival food that has the lowest price tag. I can’t blame them; you work hard for your money, and you try to get the best deal out of it. The problem is, if you just let low prices get the better of you, you might end up buying food that may be cheap but degrades easily and has a very bulky packaging that you end up burning yourself. How? The packaging might be so bulky that you end up not storing enough food. The nutritional profile of your food might not be adequate so you end up losing out as far as nutrition is concerned. Don’t let lower price get the better of you, look at the big picture.

Calories are more important than serving size

Some survival food come in very small serving sizes. Preppers think that they are getting ripped off because of the small serving sizes. They’re missing the point. When you are trying to survive, your main focus is not on gorging yourself or feeling full. Your focus should be on taking enough amount of calories on a day by day basis so that your group survives and makes it through the emergency. Food that makes you full isn’t necessarily calorie-packed food.

Different people have different taste buds

The survival food that you buy must also taste good. While calorie density is crucial, it is also important that the food is palatable. What is the point of saving money for calorie-dense food and you can’t eat any of it? Avoid food that tastes like medicine. Palatability is crucial to ensure that all members of your party, both adults and children, benefit from your efforts at food storage.

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