Building Your Own Fire Starting Kit

Fire Starting KitFire is necessary for survival. You need fire for warmth. You also need it to prepare food. If you are out in the open, you also need to start a fire to prevent wild animals from threatening members of your party. Fire is absolutely crucial for survival. You need to know enough about building your own fire so you’re not caught unaware. Keep the following tips in mind.

Keep Small Twigs or Pieces of Wood for Kindling

To build a fire, you need pieces of wood and smaller pieces of twigs to kindle the fire. This is why it’s really important to keep small twigs, a pile of leaves, or anything that you can use to build up enough flames so as to burn larger chunks of wood.

Keep Some Lighters Handy

Pay attention to this subheading. I did not say keep a lighter handy; I said to keep some lighters handy. In other words, you need to keep multiple lighters in your survival shelter. Why? One lighter might not last a long time. Also, the lighter that you bought might go out of commission fairly quickly. Whatever the case may be, having many different lighters ensures that you will be able to create fire consistently and reliably for a long time to come.

Learn How to Create Fire with Your Bare Hands

It’s always a good idea to learn how to create fire with no lighters. This, of course, is an extreme solution. You obviously don’t want this to happen, but if worse comes to worst, know how to start a fire. There are many helpful videos on YouTube that show you how to rub two sticks together to create enough heat and apply that heat to small, loose, fibrous materials to create an initial flame. Once you have the flame, you can then put twigs on it to create even larger flames, and you can then pile chunks of wood on top of the flame.

Keep a Convex Lens Handy

The convex lens that comes with a magnifying glass is a powerful tool for turning sunlight into a fire. Again, you need to find loose fibrous materials that will catch flame easily. Properly position the convex lens on top of the materials and if it’s sunny enough outside, you can create a fire easily with the convex lens.

Keep the tips above handy. You just don’t know what kind of disaster you will face in the future. Don’t always assume that your emergency shelter would be in one place. You might be left in a situation where you would have to create a fire manually.

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